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Great Stress Reduction Tips to
Help You Get the Weight of the World
Off Your Shoulders 

Do you have too much stress in your life? Too much to do? These stress reduction tips could help you to reclaim your enjoyment of life.

Stress can have many negative effects on us. Irritability, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure. Weight gain. Stress hormones like cortisol can compromise your immune system. Stress under the short term isn't too bad, but chronic stress can do real damage.

Stress Reduction Tip #1: How You Can
Learn What Is Perhaps the Easiest
People Skills System in the World

One of the biggest sources of stress in our lives is other people. Psychologists say that when people come to see them, they often talk about the other people in their lives who are causing them stress. How do we get around this?

A police officer in the U.S. developed a system of dealing with people that is fairly simple to learn. It's called "Verbal Judo". It is perhaps the easiest people skills system in the world. Find out more about Verbal Judo by clicking here.

If you read only one of these stress reduction tips, please read this one. Verbal Judo has had a profound effect on my life in understanding other people more and allowing me to enjoy life more.

Listening to other people is a profound yet underused tactic to deal with other people more effectively. Actors use it. Hostage negotiators use it. Why don't you?

Stress Reduction Tip #2: These Great Social Anxiety Self-Help Resources Could Help You Navigate Your People Problems Better

Stress is often put on us by wondering what other people think of us. We worry whether we can walk into that party or not. Or how we will do when we give a presentation. These social anxiety self-help tips may help you be a better, more confident you. Click here to learn how you could lower your anxiety in social situations.

Stress Reduction Tip #3: Meditation Made
Simpler for You

How else can we reduce the stress in our lives? The U.S. army uses certain kinds of meditation that allows their soldiers to get more done under higher levels of stress.

Many people say that they can't concentrate long enough to do meditation. They start, but then they lose focus. Soldiers have similar problems in that they don't have the right type of atmosphere to meditate. (Think bombs landing and guns firing; not yoga mats and calm music.)

So soldiers can use deep breathing as one way to reduce stress. They can still keep talking and doing things, but the deep breaths keep them more centered. Find out more about deep breathing by clicking here.

Stress Reduction Tip #4: Why You Should Try to Play More and Help Defeat "Chronic Seriousness"

 Not having fun can wreak havoc on our bodies. Too much seriousness and too much stress can create illnesses in us. By developing more opportunities for play in our lives, we can see the enjoyment that is all around us. Too often we have our "serious" glasses on. We need to take them off and see the world for what it can be.

Play can be a great way to relieve stress. It lets us rebalance and not take ourselves too seriously. It helps us lighten up. Find out more about play by clicking here.

Stress Reduction Tip #5: The Importance of Laughter and How It Can Improve Your Health

Closely associated with play is a sense of humor. By laughing more we can reduce stress. How many times have you laughed today? How many times have you made other people laugh? By seeing the humor in situations we can help stave off many diseases and ailments. If negative emotions can make us sick, it would stand to reason that positive emotions could make us better? Learn more about laughter by clicking here.

Stress Reduction Tip #6: Why Getting Into a State of "Flow" Can Make Your Life Easier

A state of "flow" is the feeling you get when time seems to fly by. Sometimes called "on fire", "in the zone", or "in the moment", we've all had it. How can you get more of it? Thankfully scientists have been studying this and have recommendations on how we can put it into our lives more. Click here to see how you can get more flow in your life.

Stress Reduction Tip #7: How You Can Help Beat Stress With the "One-Second Pause" Method

Are you feeling rushed? Hurried? Stressed by all you have to do? How would you like to be more in control of your day in only one second? What I call the "One-Second Pause" Method is something that requires no training and you can use anytime to take charge of your situation and regain your enjoyment of life. Click here for more on the "One-Second Pause" Method.

I hope these stress reduction tips can help you enjoy life more, lose weight and help you on your journey to a fitter body.


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