Easier Fitness Store

1. The "Convenient Workout" Online Course

Learn all about what is perhaps the easiest way to build muscle in the world. Make it easier to follow your dreams of getting a healthy body. Building muscle doesn't get much simpler than this.

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2. "Attract People to You by Becoming a Better Listener" Online Course

Your social skills are an important way to improve your overall health. And listening is one of the most powerful yet underused people skills.

Learn easier ways to focus your attention on other people's words. Get into the minds of successful business people, the Horse Whisperer, Alec Baldwin and others to see how they have perfected this potent ability.

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3. "Different Jokes for Different Folks" Joke Book

Laughter is important for overall health. This book is my attempt at giving you some chuckles. Norman Cousins famously laughed himself back to health from a terrible disease by watching comedies on film. He said if negative emotions can make you sick, then positive emotions should make you healthy.

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