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Sprinting for Weight Loss

Short on time? Try sprinting for weight loss. Sprinting, whether on foot or on a bike, rowing machine, etc., can be very effective in burning calories when you're pressed for time.

Sprinting is easier to fit into your day. They might only take 10-15 minutes. Twenty minutes would be a bit better, but even just 10 would do your body good. Sometimes I only do just a few 50-meter sprints in about 5 minutes or so and they make me feel much better.

I recommend sprints on this website as the main way to do cardio in the Convenient Weight Loss Plan. But don't let that stop you if want to go for longer runs or do a marathon or get into mountain biking. Although this website recommends easier ways to do fitness, the last thing I want to do is stop you from making physical activity a way of life. If sprints aren't for you, by all means do what you love.

Sprinting for Weight Loss Could Help a Lot of People

Sprinting for weight loss can be, however, just what a lot of people need. Many people are overweight and struggling to stay healthy. If you can at least do some sprints, your body will really thank you. Sprints can vary in length: 50 m, 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, or anywhere in between. i don't measure my sprints. Ijust go rough distances and focus more on how I feel. If I start to feel like I'm working too hard, I slow down a bit.

Listening to you body is very important when it comes to exercise. If you start to feel pain, please slow down. Just because sprinting is classified as high intensity exercise doesn't mean you have to kill yourself. Go to your comfortable maximum. Exercise should be enjoyable and fun. It shouldn't be drudgery. I like working out with weights, I like running, I like going for a bike ride. It shouldn't have to hurt me.

Cardio of any kind is an important part of many weight loss plans. But many people don't have the time or energy to go out for a 30-45 minute run. That's where sprinting for weight loss comes in. They take shorter periods of time and they are generally a bit easier on the body than going for a long run. There are a lot of rest breaks in between the sprints.

Sprinting makes me feel good. It wakes me up out of my slumber. It makes me feel alive. Stress takes its toll on millions of people. We are too often sedentary and cut off from some of our more primal behaviours. Instead of chasing the sabre-tooth tiger away, we have to sit motionless in traffic and feel the stress build up. It can make us feel helpless.

By doing some sprints, we get to feel some of those more primal behaviours. We max our our body out. We get to feel the same things as we chase that tiger away. It doesn't make us feel so helpless. We get to do something. That's what one runner I read about said why he liked running so much - because he felt like he was accomplishing something.

Like I said, if you have the energy to go for a run or a bike ride or go swimming every morning for an hour, please do so. Even though I tout easier ways to do fitness on this website, the biggest thing I would like for you to do is to get a love for physical activity, no matter what it is. I recommend easier ways here because there are minimum levels of exercise that will really boost your overall health. They are set out by organizations and governments.

Sprinting for weight loss can help people meet those minimums. It is easier to do than signing up for a marathon. You don't have to go all out to reap the benefits of exercise. Even shorter periods of time working out can give you dramatic boosts to your overall health. You can stave off diseases. The health benefits of shorter periods of exercise are numerous.


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