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Two Easy Self-Motivation Skills
You Can Use Right Away

Here are two easy self motivation skills that use the power of your mind to help win the battle of the bulge. These are very effective. I've tried them and they work beautifully. Incredibly beautifully. And fast too. Within mere seconds. I have to tell you about these.

Self-Motivation Skill #1

Are you sluggish sometimes? Would you like to go for a run, but that couch is just too comfortable?

In "The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do To Get More of It", author Kelly McGonigal gives some great tips on how to increase our willpower. Not just to lose weight, but for other things in life: spending less money, quitting smoking. She has a great tip, though, on how to get yourself off the couch when someone has mysteriously glued you there.

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Here's the trick. The next time you would like to exercise, whether it's going for a run, doing some push-ups or hitting the gym, but you just don't have the energy, ask yourself this question:

"If someone gave me $100 to go for a run (do some push-ups, hit the gym, etc.), would I do it?"

People have been asked this question in experiments. These people, who just seconds before did not feel like doing any exercise at all, somehow out of thin air find the energy to go for a run. Honestly, I've tried it and it works like a charm. Within literally only a second or two I am up and moving.

Why? Why does it work? And work so well?

In the book, the author describes how the brain can go into defense mode sometimes. We feel lazy, but if something important happened, we could really do something about it.

The next time you're lying on the couch glued to the television, think about what would happen if all of sudden a bear entered the room. Would you just passively sit there while it clawed you to death? No, you'd run like you've never run before.

That's an extreme example, about extreme as you can get. But when you use a less dangerous incentive, like receiving $100, it works just as well.

Now, sometimes, when I'm really lazy, $100 doesn't work for me. So what I do in that situation is simply increase the price. If somebody gave you $500 would you go for a run? How about $1000? Just keep increasing it until you hit the jackpot. Like I say, it works like a charm.

Self-Motivation Skill #2

This self-motivation skill is similar to the one above and works just as quickly. And instead of exercise it has to do with diet.

The next time you're hungry and eyeing some food, ask yourself this:

"If I don't eat that cookie (brownie, bag of chips, etc.), will I die?"

I've tried this one and it works just as well as the one above. And within mere seconds too. Like literally only a second or two. I'll be eyeing some food and it doesn't even have to be junk food. Maybe I'll simply not want to eat too much and am trying to keep myself from eating that second plate of food, even if it's all healthy food.

Well, I ask myself that question and I immediately come to the conclusion that, no, I won't die immediately if I don't eat that food in front of me. And then I'm good for another half-hour or so. When the thought rears up in my head again, I simply re-ask the question. But by then the temptation has gone.

Just like the first self-motivation skill I mentioned, this one works like a charm as well. And so quickly. I can't get over it.


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