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Positive Motivational Quotes
to Get You Active

Here are some positive motivational quotes to help motivate you.

Positive Motivational Quote from Reader's Digest

Near the start of the new millennium there was an article in Reader's Digest that talked about the benefits of being in shape and how it affects us as we get older. There was a line in it that really got me.

"Some of the healthiest senior citizens are weightlifters."

There are so many advantages to having some muscle on you, it's not even funny. Weightlifters have better posture, stronger bones and stronger ligaments and tendons. Seniors who lift weights have less chance of falling and breaking their hips. They also have better balance so they are less likely to fall in the first place.

Most weight loss plans incorporate an exercise plan. They don't focus just on diet. Now if all you want to do to lose weight is simply eat less and eat better, that is fine. If you include some exercise as well, your chances of losing weight go up by quite a bit.

Having some muscle on you acts as a 24/7 fat-burning machine. Muscle burns more calories than fat. So simply having that muscle on you will burn calories as you sleep. And all day long too.

The quote above has stayed with me for years since I first read it. If you want to be in shape and have a healthy body, throwing some weights around is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Why wait for your senior years to pump some iron? Why not get started now?

Dr. Jeffry Life has transformed himself quite well from lifting weights, as you can see in the photo above. Click here to learn more about Dr. Jeffry Life.

Positive Motivational Quote
Sir Richard Branson

This positive motivational quote comes from the book "The 4-hour Body" by Tim Ferriss.

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson was asked a question on a retreat. "If you could do only one thing to increase productivity, what would it be?" 

Branson leaned back and thought for a bit.

Then he replied, “Work out”.

Positive Motivational Quote from Steve Martin

The actor and comedian Steve Martin is also an exceptional banjo player. In 2009 he won a Grammy for it. When he started playing the banjo in his youth, he said:

“Just stick with this, just keep playing, and one day you’ll have been playing for 40 years, and at that point, you’ll know how to play.”

This is a good quote to keep in the back of your head for when you start to get in shape, or start any other endeavour for that matter. You don’t have to start out knowing everything. You just have to start. And then keep up with it.

Steve Martin won his Grammy 50 years after starting to learn to play the banjo, not far off from his 40-year prediction. However, he was already playing at a high level within 5 to 10 years after starting.

So often we want to know all there is to know when we first start out. We can get overwhelmed with everything that we have to learn. This can stop us dead in our tracks, because we don’t know which way to start. There’s no road map ahead of us telling us which way to go. It can be daunting and it can be scary. But we forget that if we just keep at it a little bit every day, things will be revealed to us along the way, bit by bit.

There will be obstacles that try to deter us. But there will also be good things that happen too. And chances are there will be way more good than bad. This is an adventure you’re setting out on. A fitness adventure. A fitness adventure within a greater adventure, the adventure of Your Life. But you getting in shape is a good adventure to be on. It probably won’t be a hell ride.

Taking care of your body is a good thing to be doing. Hurting your body, stealing things and the like are bad adventures. It’s the good adventures that offer you way more good than bad. These are the ones you want to be on. They give you much more return on your investment.

And notice the emphasis on adventure. This is the state you would ideally want to be in. Adventures are fresh and exciting and thrilling to be on. Every day is new and you look forward to each one with eagerness and enthusiasm. Well, most of them anyway. Like I said, adventures can have setbacks and life isn’t always rosy.

But overall, getting in shape is one of the best roads to be on. And like Steve Martin says, start the journey and just keep plugging away at it. Besides, taking care of your body should be a lifelong affair, not just a matter of years. Although a matter of years is still better than nothing.


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