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Healthy Breakfast Tips

Do you need some healthy breakfast tips? Do you find your mornings rushed? Do you not have the time it takes to prepare a nutritious meal and then eat it leisurely before you start your day? Are you unsure of what food choices to make?

Many people skip breakfast. The leading health sources say, however, that by eating a healthy breakfast, you dramatically increase your chances of losing weight and having a healthy body.

Healthy Breakfast Tip #1: Would the "Half-Breakfast" Idea Be Right for You?

So for those of you who don't feel like you want to eat breakfast in the morning, I offer another option. I call it the "half-breakfast". You don't have to eat a big breakfast, if you don't want to, but by eating a smaller-sized breakfast, you will at least get some nutrition into you. This is better than eating nothing at all.

I, myself, have never been one to eat a big breakfast. I don't like stuffing myself first thing in the morning. But I do need something. I can go, if need be, the whole morning with nothing, but I'd rather not. I'd prefer to start the day with a "half-breakfast", which for me usually constitutes some fruit and yogurt and oats.

I am not an expert, so I can't guarantee the results of the half-breakfast. To me it is at least better than going the whole morning without nothing.

By eating breakfast, you will boost your metabolism. You will feel fuller for longer and thereby reduce your chances of cravings and overeating later in the day. You will be less likely to develop eating disorders. You will increase your immune system.

Studies show that people who live to 100 are more often breakfast-eaters than not. Eating breakfast can improve your mood and make you less cranky. It can lower your cholesterol levels and improve your heart health.

Healthy Breakfast Tip #2: What Are Some Healthy Breakfast Foods You Can Choose?

What are some healthy breakfast foods you can have in the morning? Instead of eating some sugary cereal, how about some oats? They are high in fibre and make you feel full for longer and, not to mention, inexpensive.

Try fruit over fruit juice. Fruit juice has the fibre removed from it. So, although, fruit has sugar in it, the fibre is what cancels out the effect of the sugar and makes fruit a healthy meal. Some health sources say try not to eat too much fruit, but the "fruitarians" - like a vegetarian, only eating more fruit instead of vegetables - would disagree with that.

Fresh fruit is a better choice over canned or preserved fruit. Frozen fruit is a good choice as well. Studies show that frozen fruit (as well as other types of food, like frozen vegetables) can even be more nutritious than fresh fruit. Fresh fruit may have been sitting in a truck or a store for a number of days before it gets to you. Frozen fruit was frozen very soon after it was picked, locking in essential nutrients.

Getting some protein in the morning is also recommended. Yogurt or milk can do this, as can nut butters. If you have smoothies in the morning, try throwing in some spinach, kale or other dark, leafy greens. These types of vegetables are often at the top of experts' lists for the healthiest kinds of foods. Or try putting a green powder/liquid into your smoothie. These are a mixture of a wide range of vegetables.


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