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Get More Humor Into Your Life

By getting more humor into your life you can lower your stress levels which helps you keep the pounds off. I highly recommend you watch the "Laughology" documentary by Albert Nerenberg. In it he studies many aspects of laughter. It is also quite entertaining.

In "Laughology" he says many adults have lost their laugh. They have succumbed to the seriousness of life, or what they call "chronic seriousness". Estimates of chronic seriousness in the general population run as high as 80% or so.

How do we get more humor into our lives? In our digital world we have access to unlimited sources of humor. Videos galore of comedic efforts. That's one place to start. Joke books, funny authors and stand-up comedians in your area are some others. Go to your local theater for some funny plays. Check out the cinema and watch the latest comedy.

You can check out my joke book, "Different Jokes for Different Folks" by me, Matthew Dickson, on Amazon, if you'd like.

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Make an effort to get more humor into your life. Don't watch the news as much. Or as many dramas. Life can be serious enough as it is. Life should be enjoyed more than we enjoy it. Why just keep making it more serious with all the non-funny TV and Internet we watch?

Try to make some of your own humor. Try to see the funny things about your life as you go through your day. How many people have you made laugh today? How many times have you made yourself laugh today? If comedy has been removed somewhat from your life, simply immersing yourself into it can start the ball rolling.

Stress Doesn't Like Laughter

Stress can eat away at our health, sometimes slowly and without our knowing it. Until one day, voila, you have a health problem. Norman Cousins, a prominent American in the 1900s, famously "laughed himself into health" after acquiring some severe health problems. By watching funny films every day his health dramatically improved.

If unhealthy emotions can make us sick, then it would stand to reason that healthy emotions can make us better. Or if we're already healthy, then healthy emotions can keep us healthy.

Navy SEALs have to go through "Hell Week" as part of their training. It consists of about 5 days of brutal conditions to test their physical and mental endurance. And they only get about a total of 4 hours of sleep over the whole period. Yet they say one of the things they like about it is the laughter they share. Yes, they are laughing, believe it or not.

They say first-responders, like firefighters and paramedics, often share a dark sense of humor to help them get through the stressful situations they encounter.

They say one of the biggest signs of a healthy workplace is how much laughter you hear.

Get some humor into your life. Enjoy life more. It will help to keep your stress levels down and the pounds off.

Live it up!


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