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Crossfit: A Complete Fitness Workout Plan

Crossfit is a complete fitness workout plan that is becoming very popular these days. It may be right up your alley. Many people are turning to it. Here's how it works.

Crossfit works three energy systems of the body. The first is the energy used for short bursts of strength - about 1-10 seconds. The second is for longer bursts of strength - typically a few minutes or so. The third is for long-distance cardio - two hours plus.

A typical Crossfit workout will have you doing a short burst of strength exercise, like lifting weights, pull-ups, etc., followed by a short break, and then a longer burst of strength, like a 400 meter sprint or a few minutes of biking or rowing. This is followed by another short break and then back to the weights. Weights, sprint, weights, sprint and so on with short breaks in between.

This way you work all three energy systems.  First you work the two shorter bursts of strength and by doing these over the course of an hour or two (depending on how long your workout is) you work the longer state cardio (the two hours plus). If you work out for even just an hour this will work your long-state cardio a good deal, even though it's less than two hours.

This will give you a complete fitness workout plan over the course of an hour or so. The thing that Crossfitters tout is that they win events of many different types. They're good at running, lifting weights, short sprints, the whole deal. The best of them win medals in a wide variety of sports. Also Navy SEALs rely heavily on Crossfit, as well as elements from other types of exercise routines. It's an all-round workout.

A Crossfit-Styled Workout

Although it is a good fitness workout plan, one of the small downsides to Crossfit is the membership price - typically $130/month or so. Still it's not too bad if you want to get in shape. A lot of people pay it. More and more all the time. I don't want turn anybody away from a phenomenal program. If you want to do Crossfit, please go for it.

However, if you want to try something similar, I suggest this program. I came up with this on my own. Simply do the same exercises but on your own time. Out of your house or wherever. You probably won't be able to do all the same exercises that they do in a Crossfit gym. Most people don't have ropes to climb in their living room.

Go do a 400-meter sprint from your front door. Come back and do some pushups. Go do another sprint. Come back and do some sit-ups. Got some dumbbells or weights at home? Bring them outside and use those. Or go inside and use them. Got a pull-up bar? Go in and use that. Be creative. Got a sandbag to throw around in your back yard? Do this for an hour or two. However long you want. Whatever feels good.

You won't get all the different types of exercises that they do in a Crossfit gym, something they emphasize. Doing a vast array of types of exercise builds a better body, one that can adapt to many different situations. Doing the same exercises all the time usually isn't recommended. The body likes variety.

If you do at least a good variety of exercises, maybe not Crossfit caliber, but a good selection, you should probably get a pretty good workout. Even if you just do some push-ups and sit-ups between the sprints, that will still be way better than nothing. And your number one goal is not to do "nothing".

Another benefit to doing this workout on your own instead of at a Crossfit gym is that Crossfit probably isn't for all people due to its high intensity at times. By doing it on your own, you can go at your own pace and maybe ratchet down the intensity to suit you. Or you can go full bore if you want. Just another option.

By combining these three energy systems into one workout you will get a complete fitness workout plan that should pay you off nicely. Not as complete as the actual Crossfit workouts, but still fairly good. And again, if you want to try Crossfit, go for it!


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