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Fitness for Seniors: Why Exercise
Gets More Important as You Age

Why is fitness for seniors so important? Exercise can do wonders for your body at any age. However, the older you get, the more important it becomes. When we're young, we aren't as susceptible to as many injuries or ailments as when we are older. Seniors should be beating a path to their local gym, but ironically, it's mostly the young ones who are there working out.

There's nothing wrong with young people working out. It's great. In fact, there should be even more young people working out. Bu there should be way more seniors doing the same. When you start young, it increases the chances of you making it a lifelong habit. I do find it sad, however, when people who worked out when they were young give it up later in life.

It would be nice to live in a world where everyone takes better care of their bodies, to have billions of people in great shape, no matter their age. To be able to walk around your community and see everyone looking as healthy as they can be. Exercise is relatively inexpensive or free. Many diseases can often be prevented or cured with a healthy lifestyle of good food, exercise and low stress. These don't cost tens of thousands of dollars. This is what some people have to pay, unfortunately, when they contract a disease and have to get expensive surgery to save their life.

The tips on fitness for seniors in this section aren't just for seniors. Younger people can find useful advice here that can be started early in life. This way you can get a head start and help prevent disability or injury even more. Brain scientists talk about "cognitive reserve", which means that by taking better care of your brain earlier in life, you can build "reserves" that help you as you get older

Then if you do happen to get some brain disorders, like dementia, when you're older, those brain reserves can significantly delay the onset of the disorder and/or minimize the effects of it. Likewise, by keeping a healthy lifestyle earlier in your life, you may be able to build "physical reserves" to help stave off diseases of not just the brain, but many parts of your body.

Below is some of the advice on fitness for seniors you can find in this section.

Anti-Aging Secret: How High Intensity
Exercise Can Keep You Younger

High intensity exercise is essentially the fountain of youth. It builds human growth hormone, or HGH. Exercises like weightlifting and sprinting can do wonders for your health and can help turn back the clock. Click here to find out how you can get younger with high intensity exercise.

Why You Should Be Dancing
for Dementia Prevention

Dancing is one of the best ways for you to prevent dementia. Frequent dancing has been found to reduce the risk of dementia by as much as 76%, compared to 45% for crossword puzzles and 35% for reading. Click here to learn more about preventing dementia by dancing.

Meet These Fit Seniors to Inspire Yourself

Watching fit seniors can give us inspiration. Getting older doesn't have to mean sitting around all day.

Here I'll introduce you to some people, like Dr. Jeffry Life above, who are remarkably fit in their old age. Click here to get inspired by these physically fit seniors.

Use These Aerobic Exercise Tips as You Age

Would you like to go for a run in your golden years? Or a bike ride? Don't relegate yourself to the couch. These aerobic exercise tips can help you get moving with fewer injuries into your later years. Click here to learn how you can do aerobic exercise when you're older.


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