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How You Can Stop Craving Salty Foods

Would you like to be able to stop craving salty foods? For millions of years, humans and our hominoid ancestors didn't have any salt added to their foods. The only sodium they got was from the plants and animals they ate. With the dawn of agriculture over the last 8000 years or so, we started adding salt to our diet.

Today the Yanomamo people of Brazil eat only about 200 mg of salt a day. Most health organizations say we should eat no more than 2000 to 2300 mg a day. However, many countries fall short of this. This is often because of all the processed food we eat.

Some studies say that as infants we don't have a preference for the taste of salt, and that by limiting how much salt you give your child, it can make them crave it less as they get older.

Approximately 2 million people die every year around the world from high sodium consumption. Too much salt in the bloodstream causes high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

But, boy, those chips sure taste good. We know we shouldn't eat them, but we eat them anyway. Why is this? Why are we often craving salty foods?

Salt is said by some to be addictive, like caffeine and nicotine. Some say when you stop eating high levels of sodium you can go into withdrawal.

What Are Some Ways You Can Stop Craving Salty Foods?

1. Today our processed foods are the main culprit behind our high salt intake. Many countries' average levels of sodium consumption are too high. One of the biggest changes you can make to your diet is to eat fewer or no processed foods.

2. Do you keep a salt shaker on your table? Do you automatically put a dash of salt on your meal before even tasting it? Try tasting your food first and then decide whether it needs some salt or not.

3. At the dinner table, how about trying some other way to flavor your meal without salt in case it is a bit too bland? Try adding some some herbs and spices to your meal instead of salt.

4. What about before your meal even gets to your table? Try adding no or less salt to your meal while you're cooking it. Maybe you don't have to add as much, or any at all, while it's in the pot cooking. Again, try experimenting with some herbs and spices.


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