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Why Should You Be Choosing Fitness?

Choosing fitness can be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. It gives you stronger muscles, tendons and bones. A stronger mind. Even stronger descendants - generations of your offspring can have a better chance in life, all due to some altered genes from a better diet and a little exercise.

Yes, I said a little exercise. You don't need a lot  of exercise to reap the benefits. Five 30-minute walks a week can drastically reduce your chances of many illnesses and ailments. Walking by far is the best bang for your buck.

But as if that wasn't good enough, by adding just a wee bit more exercise, you reduce your chances even more. By adding some strength training and/or some cardio and/or some stretching, or hopefully all three, you can improve more areas of your health. For still not all that much time invested.

Instead of five 30-minute walks a week, try three 20-minute workouts with an elevated heart rate every week. The workouts can be strength training or cardio or both.

Choosing fitness improves your confidence, your posture, your attitude, how people perceive you. It makes you live longer.

A Muscular Body Can Act as "Body Armour" in Accidents

Strong muscles, tendons and bones can act as "body armour", if you are in an accident.  Being thrown off a motorcycle or being in a car accident can fling you around violently. Yet some people live through these simply because they spent a little time in the gym. Their stronger bodies protect them.

If you get sick with something serious, like cancer, having a physically fit body can improve your chances of survival and reduce your recovery time. All from spending a little time in the gym.

Have You Tried Choosing Fitness, Only to Decide to Give Up on It?

Have you tried a workout regimen, only to find that you didn't see any improvements after awhile? Not everybody responds well to all forms of exercise. Some people actually get less fit after doing a certain fitness routine for awhile. In this case you would be labelled a "non-responder". But don't dismay! This doesn't mean you won't respond to any kind of exercise. It only means there may be one or some exercises that aren't the best match for you.

The solution is to try other forms of exercise that do work for you. The sad part is that not everybody knows this. So they try doing some form of exercise, see no improvement or even a decrease in their fitness, and think they're doomed - that no exercise will be good for them. So they don't do any exercise ever again.

If you know anybody like this, maybe you could encourage them to try some other forms of exercise until they find one that works - that there is hope!

Another sad story that is common is unfortunate incidents in schools, where the gym teacher or coach belittles a student. The student has a negative experience and gives up on fitness for years or even a lifetime. All because of some poorly chosen words. If this is what happened to you, I hope you can give it another try. Choosing fitness can be one of the best gifts you give to yourself.


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