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Brain Health Supplements

Brain health supplements are available to you to help you get better brain function and mental health. There are many sophisticated kinds that you can take, but three of the basic ones are ones you've heard of before: fish oil, a multivitamin and vitamin D.

These are what is recommended by Dr. Daniel Amen, a leading brain scientist in the USA.

The three - fish oil, a multivitamin and vitamin D - are what I take. I don't take any of the more sophisticated brain health supplements available. I try to live my life in a more natural way and try not to take too many pills. Dr. Amen recommends these three as the basics.

Brain Health Supplement #1: Fish Oil

In the old days, it was common for people to take a spoonful of cod liver oil. And fish oil isn't too complicated and relatively natural.

I've tried buying fish oil in the bottle as a mass liquid, but found that the bottom of the bottle would turn into a milky substance by the time I was getting near the end of the bottle. I found this unappealing and felt I was wasting some fish oil (I wouldn't eat it). You also had to refrigerate the bottle after it was opened. One bottle would last for weeks.

I prefer my fish oil in capsule form. I don't feel like I'm wasting any fish oil, as there is no chance for the oil to turn milky. The capsules don't need to be refrigerated, so this makes it easier, especially if you're on the road a fair bit.

Brain Health Supplement #2: Multivitamin

A multivitamin is the second brain health supplement Dr. Amen recommends. Most people have heard of them and have probably taken them before in their life. They are also relatively inexpensive.

Brain Health Supplement #3: Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be included in the fish oil as well as the multivitamin, so that means you don't have to take a third pill. My fish oil has 500 IU per capsule (I take 2 capsules) and my multivitamin has 400 IU per pill (I take 2 pills). That equals 1800 IU of vitamin D.

Dr. Amen recommends 2000 IU of vitamin D per day. With the milk and yogurt and that I consume that puts me over 2000 IU by a bit. Some people recommend high Vitamin D consumption - in the realm of 6000 IU or 8000 IU. That seems excessive to me, although it may work for some people. I try to keep things more natural and stay away from things bordering on the extremes.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a well-known authority on the brain. I enjoy his books, particularly "Change your Brain, Change Your Life". I found this book the best for simplifying the basics of how the brain works.

I've read a number of books on the brain, but found them hard to put the whole brain workings into perspective. They would talk about about this part of the brain or that part of the brain, but I wouldn't get a "big picture" overall view of the brain. Dr. Amen did this in "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life".

Click here to look at "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" by Dr. Daniel Amen on Amazon.

Dr. Amen also has a music program to enhance your brain function. It is called "The Brain Warrior's Way Music Program". It uses brainwaves (like alpha and delta waves) to interact with your own brainwaves. The music is quite soothing and you could probably use it for meditation as well.

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