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The Convenient Weight Loss Plan Diet: How An Amazing Diet With Only a Few Rules Could Be the Answer to Your Dreams

The Convenient Weight Loss Plan uses an amazing diet from Allen Carr. You dream of being slimmer and healthier, but it seems like too much work. Perhaps this diet can help you with that dream. The diet has only a few rules and focuses on pleasure, not drudgery.

Dreams are important. They can take you very far in this world. Getting in better shape is an admirable ambition. You should give yourself a pat on the back for wanting to do that.

Millions of people have lost weight and gotten in shape. Wouldn't it be nice if you could add yourself to that list?

Your body is a masterpiece. It is a phenomenal creation and can do incredible things. You deserve to have it functioning as best it can. A healthy diet is a big part of achieving that.

The following sections can be found at the bottom of this page:

1) Two Important Tips You Can Use for a Healthy Diet Plan

2) How You Can Start Breaking Sugar Addiction

3) Include These Healthy Super Foods to Help You Lose Weight

4) Healthy Breakfast Tips to Get Your Day Started Right

5) Why You Should Start Drinking Smoothies for Weight Loss

6) Use These Hydration Tips to Get Enough Water Into You Daily

7) How You Can Stop Craving Salty Foods

Allen Carr's amazing diet lets you eat what you want when you want. However, one of the few rules for it is no overeating. Many people gain weight as the decades go on. A large part of this weight gain is from all the holiday periods each year. A few pounds here and there each festive season may not seem like much at the time, but they can keep adding up year after year.

You also don't have to count calories or stress out about what you eat with this diet. You don't have to force yourself to go hungry for too long. You eat what you want when you want. Just try not to overeat. Maybe once in awhile you may find yourself overeating - just try to not to overeat too many of your meals.

Some of us overeat at many of our meals. If you can eat until you're satisfied and then stop, you won't be eating as many calories. This way you should start losing weight, and you'll also be satisfied after every meal.

You can find this amazing diet in Allen Carr's book "Lose Weight Now: The Easy Way". By the way, he also has books on how to stop smoking and how to stop drinking.

"His method is absolutely unique."

- Sir Richard Branson

Not overeating is one of the biggest tricks up his sleeve, but he also goes into detail on how to enjoy eating. He talks about how wild animals aren't overweight - only humans and their domesticated animals get overweight. We should enjoy eating and take better care of our bodies.

Our diet could be described as the most fundamental thing we do all day. Think about this - millions of animals get up every morning and simply start milling about for food.  Walking and eating. Seeking food, eating food. We should honor our time spent eating and pay it more respect. Don't cram that fast food burger into you. Eat healthy food and really enjoy your meal.

How This Amazing Diet Helps
You Eat Less Junk Food

One of the other rules of this amazing diet is to eat less junk food. He says you can still eat what you want, but try to eat more of the foods we were designed to eat. He doesn't say that we have to eat absolutely no junk food, just less of it.

Panda bears can only eat bamboo. Koala bears only eat eucalyptus leaves. Goats can eat a wide range of foods. People are like goats. We can eat a ton of different types of food. Gorillas prefer fruit, but they will eat a number of other foods when fruit isn't available.

Many animals, like us and gorillas, have "first choice" foods and then "second choice" foods, "third choice" foods, and so on. Humans have foods that we like more than others, but we can also eat a lot of stuff that really isn't good for us. This is a safety feature nature put into us. It keeps us from getting sick from eating the wrong foods.

Some foods will kill us if we eat them, but others we can eat and we will still survive. If we eat these "borderline" foods too much of the time, it's not good for us. One meal of borderline foods won't do us much harm, but many meals over the years can.

So that's anther main idea of this amazing diet - eating more of the "better choice" foods, instead of the "second choice" or "third choice" foods. You don't always have to eat the best foods all the time, if you don't want to. The trick is in eating more of them and still enjoying your life - not stressing out over food. Eating what you want when you want.

For example, the next time you want something tasty, ask yourself if you could have something partially healthy instead of something that is outright bad for you.

Or maybe you try having a small bite of a "bad choice food" instead of the whole thing. Our satisfaction tends to hit a high during the first bite or so of a dessert. Eating more of it doesn't make us any happier. If you're looking for a pleasurable taste - and not a hefty meal to get rid of your hunger - try having just a bite of a dessert. Let the good taste linger in your mouth and leave it at that.

How Getting a "Dietary" Education Can Help You Achieve Your Dream of a Slimmer Body

Another thing I'd like to do is encourage you to educate yourself about food. Read books on the right foods to eat. Foods that work for you. Ways to make your meals healthier, yet still wonderful and tasty. Go to the magazine rack in a store and flip through some magazines on food and diet. Get a "dietary" education.

Even if you just read a few books per year, over time you would be getting a good foundation on diet. I've read a number of books on diet and they all add up. Allen Carr's amazing diet as described in his book ,"Lose Weight Now: The Easy Way", is a wonderful place to start. I highly recommend it.

Click here to look at "Lose Weight Now: The Easy Way" by Allen Carr on Amazon.

Aside from Allen Carr's amazing diet, below you will find some more dietary tips that could help you achieve your dream of being slimmer.

1) Two Important Tips You Can
Use for a Healthy Diet Plan

Here I'll recommend two important diet plan tips that you can use to help you keep your weight down and your body healthy. Click here to see how you can cut back on junk food and how to eat more vegetables.

2) How You Can Start Breaking Sugar Addiction

How would you like to get a start on breaking sugar addiction? Here is my story on cutting back immensely on sugar and junk food. I hope it can encourage you to do the same and give you some resources on how to do it.

3) Include These Healthy Super Foods to
Help You Lose Weight

Some of the best foods to help you lose weight are in the "super food" category.  Click here to see what some of these super foods are.

4) Healthy Breakfast Tips to Get
Your Day Started Right

Breakfast is commonly ignored by millions of people. But it is a very important part of a weight loss plan. Click here for some ways to help you get more nutrition in the morning.

5) Why You Should Start Drinking
Smoothies for Weight Loss

Smoothies are an excellent way to get a lot of fruit and, yes, even vegetables into you, as well as protein like milk, yogurt and nut and seed butters. They don't take much time or effort. Who can compete with that? Click here to learn more about the wonder of smoothies.

6) Use These Hydration Tips to Get
Enough Water Into You Daily

We can last about 3-4 weeks without food, but only about a week without water. Water is a crucial part of our diet. How much water should we drink in a day? Click here for some ways to drink more water.

7) How You Can Stop Craving Salty Foods

Are you craving salty foods? Approximately 2 million people die every year around the world from excessive salt consumption. It causes high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Processed foods are a big part of the problem. Click here to learn some ways you can lower your sodium levels.


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