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Addiction Self-Help and Weight Loss

Addiction self-help can play a role in weight loss, as well as in many other areas of your life. Many health experts say to limit or eliminate nicotine, alcohol and caffeine and to stay away entirely from drugs.

I was visiting a drug rehab center once and saw on a table a stack of photocopies of the front cover of a book. The book was "Free from Addiction" by Morteza Khaleghi. The person who made all the photocopies of the front cover of the book was obviously saying something to the effect of, "This book is amazing. You must read it if you're suffering from addiction."

Click here to look at "Free from Addiction" by Morteza Khaleghi on Amazon.

I read the book and the main thing I took away from it was this:

For those suffering from addiction, if you can go back to the first time you took a smoke, drink, injection or whatever, and replay it in your mind, but this time, with healthy emotions, you're free. Free to start all over. Free from addiction. Free to start a new path in life.

This concept of coming back full circle to the starting point, to where things started to go wrong, can be applied to things other than addiction, I believe. You see it in movies all the time. Someone is upset with the way their life is going and they turn their backs on life in some way. By the end of the movie, they have made peace with someone or themselves and we, the audience, learn from that experience.

Addiction Self-Help and "Full-Circle Thinking"

I think this "coming back full circle" concept is why people all of a sudden decide to chase money in an unhealthy way, or chase drugs or gambling. It seems like an easy fix at the time, but there could have been other ways of dealing with their initial problems that would have been healthier.

That said, I know life can be gray and complicated and messy and not the same for everyone. However, this "full circle" thinking is probably common for a lot of people.

In the book, "What Doesn't Kill Us: The New Psychology of Posttraumatic Growth" by Stephen Joseph, a similar point is made in the way to recover from trauma. This trauma doesn't have to be from war, but any event where you go through a "seismic event" in your life, one where your view of the world is shattered. His advice is this: go back and recreate a new worldview, and incorporate the trauma into this new worldview. Then you will be able to start afresh.

Click here to look at "What Doesn't Kill Us" by Stephen Joseph on Amazon.

How do you do this? With reflective rumination. This is a productive kind of rumination, not the other kind of rumination that is a downward-spiral, my-life-is-awful kind of thinking. You can call it rumination or processing or what have you, but essentially you take some time out of your day to try to figure out what happened, what hit you. What was that seismic event, and how can you incorporate what you learned from it into a new view of the world?

This is very similar to the addiction self-help that Morteza Khaleghi offers in "free from Addiction". It's what I call "full-circle thinking". Going back to the beginning and starting over, but in your emotions. This is learning to feel healthy emotions. Finding peaceful emotions, feelings of joy and contentment. The enthusiasm and excitement of starting each day new and fresh! Like before your life went astray.

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

More great addiction self-help books have been written by Allen Carr. He covers the topics of smoking, drinking and losing weight among others. I was reading his book, "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking" in a bookstore (the first time I saw it) and a lady next to me said that she was halfway through the book and she lit a cigarette, smoked it, put it out and never had another one again.

"Everyone who reads this book stops and I stopped." - Ellen DeGeneres

Click here to look at "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking" on Amazon.

In the book he gives you a lot of information on why smoking is so bad for you. A lot of information. I don't even smoke and he was making me want to quit! It is a great resource. Maybe you could even tell any smokers you know about it and help someone stop smoking.

I also tout his book on weight loss on this website: "Lose Weight Now: The Easy Way". Click here to read more about Allen Carr's book "Lose Weight Now: The Easy Way".

I hope that gives you some great addiction self-help resources. By not smoking or drinking or doing drugs, your weight has more of a chance to be kept under control.


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