About Easier Fitness and
Why I Created This Site

Easier Fitness was created by me, Matthew Dickson, in the wonderful country of Canada, where I reside. My aim with this site is to encourage people to get off the couch, lose weight and get healthier. Billions of people are overweight and out of shape. People are suffering needlessly. This has to change.

Your dreams and goals for yourself are very important. If you don't follow them, you can wind up feeling bad about yourself and regretting what you did with your time here on Earth. Being healthy overlaps into so many other areas of our lives that it is so worth it to make it one of your main goals.

I have stumbled across some really great ideas and tips that can help you do this. I originally discovered these in the process of trying to get myself better. I have suffered from mental health problems in my life and have spent years reading hundreds of books and articles on how to get me healthier physically, mentally and socially.

Now I am sharing this knowledge with you. It makes me feel good to help others who may be struggling with a lot of the same problems I was. I can't keep this knowledge to myself. It eats away at my conscience knowing people could ease their suffering, if only I told them. Hence, this website.

My life was absolutely miserable for many years. I read and read to try to learn ways to get my health back. Some of the ways worked remarkably well and have made my life a lot easier. By sharing these ways with you, I hope I can help you in some way. Life is a wonderful affair when you have your health. And it can be absolutely horrid when you don't.

I hope I can help other people suffering with their health.

If you have mental health problems yourself, feel free to check out my Facebook group "Mental Wellness Survival Tips" by clicking here. In the group, I give some mental health tips, as well as some physical and social health tips, as they are all related.

Okay, now I will brag for just one quick moment. I have a bicycle trip across Canada under my belt and have competed in the Canadian National Rowing Championships. Not bad for someone who as a youth was overweight and hated gym class. Okay, bragging done.

The Mimimum Amounts to Stay Healthy

One of the main tenets of Easier Fitness is to make losing weight and getting in shape easier for people to do. A large percentage of the people in the world don't do the minimum requirements to stay in shape. There are established minimums of fitness that people can do to stay in relatively good health.

The good news is that these minimums don't take up too much time. They range roughly from 20-30 minutes three times a week to most days of the week. For a little investment of your time, you can enjoy better health and all the benefits it has to offer, like staving off horrible diseases.

That's where Easier Fitness comes in. If you want to be in above average health, become a pro athlete or join Cirque de Soleil, please don't let me stop you. But for those of you who have more modest goals, I hope this website can help you. It has some strategies to help you enjoy good physical health with minimum time investments.

Lose Some Weight? Or Take It Up a Notch and Improve Your Fitness Level? It's Up to You.

Let's face it, you're probably not on track to be a world class athlete anyway. Why not invest just minutes here and there throughout your week to get to your ideal weight or to have a very good basic fitness level? Most people don't even have that.

Strength training, cardio and flexibility are the three pillars of physical fitness. With only minutes each week, those can be accomplished by many people. That still might not be for everybody. If you're not interested in gaining some muscle, improving your heart and lung capacity and increasing your flexibility, maybe what you want is to get to your ideal weight. Good on you!

If you don't want to be doing push-ups or going for runs, losing some weight by watching what you eat and doing some walking will do wonders for your body. Excess weight isn't good for you, and walking by far is one of the best bangs for your buck. Besides, not everybody enjoys running or working out.

Many weight loss plans incorporate strength training, cardio and flexibility into their programs, but if it's not for you, don't despair! Watching what you eat and moving around a bit more is still a tried and tested recipe.

I'd still like to point out that building some muscle, doing some cardio and gaining more flexibility doesn't take too much more time out of your day. We're not talking 3 hours a day or more like some pro athletes. With a small amount of time, you can get those good basic levels of fitness, so I'd like to encourage you to think about it.

Whether you want to get to your ideal weight or get a good level of basic fitness, neither of them take up too much time and I commend you for taking those steps! Looking after yourself is one of the most important things you can do in this world.

I hope I can help some of you with this website. Having a healthy body is a wonderful thing. Follow your dreams of getting a strong, healthy body. It will be one of the best things you can do with your life.


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