Easier Fitness: "Helping people with little time or low energy find simpler ways to exercise, eat better and stay healthy."

A Weight Loss Plan, Stress Relief, People Skills, Addiction Help, and More for People With Little Time or Low Energy

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Welcome to Easier Fitness and the Convenient Weight Loss Plan!

Are you at your wit's end? No time in the day? Stressed? Wish you could lose weight? Tired of arguing with people? Want to stop smoking? Or drinking?

I might have some solutions for you here. There are easier ways to get healthier and I share what I know here. I can't guarantee success, but perhaps some of the ways I give will work for you.

I am proud of the knowledge I have to share here. I hope some of it can work for you.

Some of the things you will find here:

- The Convenient Weight Loss Plan, which uses the "Convenient Workout" - perhaps the easiest way to build muscle in the world

- An amazing diet with only a few rules

- Mental fitness secrets of the Navy SEALs

- Verbal Judo - one of the easiest people skills methods in the world

- Great resources to help you with addiction

-  Other simpler ways to take care of your physical, mental and social health!

And I give this away for free!

So many of us are struggling with our health, our minds, our relationships. If you know anybody who would be interested in what I share here, please share it with them!

I also advocate for mental health in developing countries at www.MindAid.ca. 

You can't put a price on your health.

Millions of us want to get in shape and take better care of ourselves. If you have a dream like this, congratulations! Striving towards a healthier body is one of the best goals you can have in life. Great work!

Hi, I'm Matthew Dickson...I made this website because I read hundreds of books on how to get to get me healthier, as I was suffering horribly from mental illness for many years. After awhile I had so much knowledge on physical, mental and social health, I decided to share it with others.

What Are Some of the Problems You
Face in Becoming Fitter?

How would you feel if you had some more muscle on you? Or even a lot more muscle? How would you like to be able to run faster, have greater endurance and more stamina? How would you like to have more confidence and know how to handle social situations more smoothly?

How would you like to stop smoking or drinking? How would you like to have better mental resilience and feel less depressed or less anxious? How would you like to wake up each morning with excitement and enthusiasm, ready to start the day?

But instead you find yourself weighing more than you want to, unable to find the energy to eat better or do some exercise. The couch seems to have some magnetic grip on you. You wish you could start to change, but it just doesn't happen.

Perhaps you can find some of the answers to these problems with the weight loss plan and the other resources at this site. I've been reading books on how to improve general health since the year 2000 in the areas of physical fitness, diet, people skills, mental health, motivation, and addiction, amongst others.

Disclaimer: I have no health-related certification (I only have an engineering degree). I try to present everything as truthfully as I know it. However, there may be something here that is incorrect, so I encourage you to read this with a healthy dose of skepticism.

What Workouts Will You Find in the
Convenient Weight Loss Plan

The Convenient Weight Loss Plan has two workout components:

1) An easy way to build muscle with the Convenient Workout:

Did you know that the average hour-long workout with weights at the gym has only about 5 minutes of actual work in it

How can you use this to your advantage?

Enter the Convenient Workout. With only four exercises that are ridiculously simple to fit into your day, it might just be the easiest way to build muscle in the world

2) An easy way to do cardio with short sprints:

The second part of the Convenient Weight Loss Plan involves cardiovascular exercise. Here I make the case for short sprints. Sprinting is an easy way to get some cardio into your day that doesn't take much time.

Sprinting increases your anaerobic capacity as well as your aerobic capacity. In sprints that last only seconds, you can improve your short distance cardio levels and your long-distance cardio levels too.

What Other Health Tips Will You
Find at Easier Fitness?

Some of the other highlights of this site are below: 

1) An amazing diet that has only a few rules: This diet, developed by Allen Carr, focuses on eating healthy food, but not overeating. This is the diet part of the Convenient Weight Loss Plan. You can find this in the "Diet" section.

2) Better social skills: I'll introduce you to Verbal Judo, perhaps the easiest people skills method in the world. It's what police officers use to deal with difficult people. This is in the "Stress" section.

3) Ways to help you fight addiction: Addiction can be really tough. I describe some better ways to help you fight this, namely through the work of Allen Carr and Morteza Khaleghi. These are in the "Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol" section.

4) For better mental fitness: One of my recommendations here is a book by Mark Divine, who has trained thousands of Navy SEALs. He gives away many of the Navy SEAL secrets in this book to help improve the way you think. This is in the "Motivation" section under "Two of the Best Books...".

The Purpose Behind Easier Fitness and the Convenient Weight Loss Plan

The Convenient Weight Loss Plan and the other tips at Easier Fitness are centered around making getting healthy fun and easier to fit into your day. 

Millions of us have dreams of getting in shape, but we just don't get around to doing it. What's ironic is that if you do the work, you will more than likely see results. It's not like you have a slim chance (pardon the pun) of making any progress. You have a huge chance of seeing results! We sit on the couch and don't do some pushups or go for a run, yet we play the lottery, hoping to win.

Chase your dreams. Of all the dreams that you have, getting in shape is one of the most attainable ones. And it doesn't have to take up a lot of time. To make a million dollars, you might have to work a 40-hour week. To see great results healthwise, it might take an hour or two a week as a minimum, with much better odds and faster results.

Walking around in a strong, healthy body and feeling confident is a very enjoyable experience. I sincerely hope some of my words on this site can help you reach that goal.

Fitness does not have to be drudgery. You can achieve a healthy weight and feel joy and vitality with less effort than you might think. Exercising can be a very fun thing to do. Some people who have hated exercise for years can actually begin to love it.

I hope you can find something here that will help you. I hope I can inspire you in some way to get the body that you would like.

Maybe what I offer here isn't for you now. Maybe it's just not the right time. Perhaps, though, this could help you in the future. Some people can take years before they're ready to make changes in their life. Perhaps, I can be of assistance then. I hope you keep this site and the Convenient Weight Loss Plan in mind for further down the road.

The Easier Fitness Blog

Check out the Easier Fitness Blog for more information to help you with exercise, eating better, people skills, addiction and more as part of your weight loss plan.

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